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Lately been thinkin bout you baby
Just sittin away watchin the dayz go by [x2]

Have you ever felt a breeze hit your heart.
Like the wind was blowing it apart.
Had you spinning like a merry-go-round.
Indications of a storm touching down.
I wish that I could weather any storm.
But I guess it was heartbreak from the norm.
It was a day that I will always remember.
The saddest day in sweet November.

Lately I've been watching you.
Been thinking about you baby.
And everything you do.
Just sittin' away watching the days go by.

I'm on my knees praying God help me please.
Bring my baby back, right back to me.
If loving you is right I don't ever want to be wrong.
Instead I drown myself with tears.
Sittin' here singing another sad love song

[Chorus x2]
Lately I've been torn apart.
I wish you wouldn't have broke my heart.
Iím missing you baby, missing you every day

[Chorus out]

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