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Romeo Dunn

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Hes the type of guy that you wanna be with.
Hes the kind that you know you can creep with.
Hes the type of guy that you wanna get deep with.

Take away 2 from 3, that leaves me,
I'll leave you running wet just like the sea,
If there's a door give me the key,
I'll push it in, twist it around and run free,
Give me the number to your mobile phone,
So I can send you a mobile tone,
While you're at it give me the keys and address to your home,
People call me Romeo, you can call me Ro Me Yo.
You look hot like Jamaica,
I'll strip off your underwear cos I'm the undertaker,
Romeo original first move maker,
When you see the girls bumpa, shaker,
I'm telling ya, I'm feeling ya when I'm stealing ya,
From the fella at home that's mistreating ya,
Fellas dont forget how much a woman's worth to ya,
A woman went through pain and gave birth to ya.

[Repeat Chorus]

Get deep with,
Get deep with,
And he knows it,
Get deep with.

Let me flip this verse and big up the envious people,
Holding me back when I'm climbing the steeple,
People don't be evil,
I'm doing it legal, I'm doing it legal,
People don't be evil to a casual fella just trying to get by,
Why you watching me with the envious eye?
I dunno why, you are the weakest link, (goodbye),
Support what we're doing, give it try,
Listen to the heavyweight beat that could never be light,
I'm gonna be shining up in the sky like a bright light,
I'm gonna be popular like a Lennox Lewis fight night,
It's gonna be alright cos tonight's the night, the right night,
To big up the girls that look good on the regular,
I'm telling ya, I'm feeling ya when I'm belling ya on your cellular,
Double R come with the phat track,
Romeo will attack that,
Radio will back that verse that I just spat.

[Repeat Chorus]

Get deep with,
Get deep with,
And he knows it,
Get deep with.

Now I'm riding in big cars, rolling with big superstars,
Smoking till my eyes go red like the colour of Mars,
Overweight bills look at the bars,
who made the beat? It's Double R,
Who sang the chorus? Female superstars,
Go by the name of Lisa Maffia, Thug Angel, Tiger S,
Who came from the streets, we all grew up in the same birds nest,
They be my So Solid sisters,
(Yes and we ent gonna settle for nothing less),
This verse for he people that's feeling my lyrical style,
That drives them wild with a smile that runs a mile,
(Romeo Dunn), my voice shall be back in a while,
(Romeo Dunn, Romeo Dunn).

[Repeat Chorus]

Get deep with,
Get deep with,
And he knows it,
Get deep with.

[Repeat Chorus]

Hmm mine, So Solid, 2 multiplied by 10, plus 1, Romeo Dunn

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