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Wasted Away


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She doesn't feel like she fits in in the small town she lives in.
She doesn't think the same and they can tell she's different.
No one knows her name.
They don't talk to her they pass right by it makes her feel so invisible.
She buries her head in books, tries to ignore all the dirty looks, she pretends she is some other person.
She's got dreams.
She wants to see the world someday if she can ever get out of this place.

Wasted Away, Wasted Away....
She's wasted away.

Late at night they come to her window.
They only want one thing, and they know just where to find it.
She doesn't want to give in.
It's killing her inside.
She only wants the attention.
They're gone and she's all alone again, everyone wants to take her no one takes her to the prom.
She sits at home, she cries herself to sleep at night, praying for a time when she doesn't hate her life.

Wasted Away, Wasted Away....
She's wasted away.

Wasted Away, Wasted Away....
She's wasted away.

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