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Straight Jacket Labels

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Words pierce through the air
They make you wear
To get you in a stright jacket label with your face
Turned to the wall

This place penatrates
When everyone that ever tries
To tell you that youíre not the same
Watches you fall

Youíre pushing on the wall inside
Youíre pushing outside to find the reasons
You run from this place
When they label you

Pushing on the wall inside

Reasons to run from this place
When they label you

Pushing on the wall inside

Youíre inside

Thinking of everyone you ever knew
When they put you outside
In the seperating wall
I can see you

Standing there waiting for the answer
To the reason no one operates the way you do
Your point of view

[Repeat Chorus]

Every day that they canít see
Afriad of what they might find
In the way of what they see
Afraid of whatís inside of you

[Repeat Chorus 2x]

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