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Say Ten

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she's not eatin' bacon, not
eatin' sausage,
and she won't eat eggs,
not eatin' chicken
not eatin' turkey, she
won't have a steak,
but i just can't help feelin'
for this poor little lettuce head
you know, i can't stop cryin' cause i
know this broccoli's dead

vegetarian? i'm not a vegetarian,
vegetarian...she's a

poor little cow, little sheep,
little fish
how can I sleep? when carrots
are bleedin'
plants are screamin' and tomatoes cry,
you say "it's not so bad, they're only
vegetables", that's what you said
maybe i'm a murderer, but i'm hungry
and they're better off dead.

save a plant, eat a cow,
i want beef, i want it now!
i'm gonna eat it cause it's red!
i'm gonna eat it cause it's dead!
maybe i should eat it raw let the
blood run down my jaw
i'd eat people if it was legal,
i'd eat people if it was legal!

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