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Wrongful Suspicion


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All right this one goes out to all our friends in New York:
H2O, The Slackers, Stubborn All Stars
Must respect
Hey Tim take it away my man.

Well I heard they fly a confederate flag
Down at the state house
Got a gun to my head from the hand of a man
Down at the state house
Well I reach for a dollar in the hole in my pocket
Down at the state house
They said I got some rights and I really shouldn't knock it
Down at the state house

What can we do? [x7]

Broken bones, broken rules
They can all be fixed (oh yeah)
So let those who battle with the pen
And the others with the fist (its the gospel now)
The strong ones will be defiant with words that can convince
You can take this as rules but I'll take it as a dis


Well they wanna hold me with wrongful suspicion
Down at the state house
And I'm all bundled up in an awkward position
Down at the state house
And they say its all part of a hundred year tradition
Down at the state house
And I do feel they got a mental condition
Down at the state house

What can we do? [x7]

Hey gettin' crazy watch me
Was it you all along working for the CIA?
Iran contra Panama
American casket parlet (work it now, work it)
Visions of light yes, visions of death no, visions gone astray (oh yeah)
Jump on that DC-10 my man oh and you fly away

Ignore the weak ignore the poor
Down at the state house
They got a real good position for me on the floor... hell no
Down at the state house
They said your gonna make a real real nice world
Down at the state house
But they do not know the law not no at all
Down at the state house

What can we do? [x7]

All right this one goes out to Sick Of It All,
Agnostic Front, Crown of Thornz, Dgeneration,
DJ Ansen, Dave Hillyard and the Rocksteady Seven,
Simon and the Bar Sinisters, Nine Lives and
His New Band Under The Gun, Madball,
Marky Ramone and the Intruders.
Hey Marky go get your fuckin' shine box

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