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Stuck in the sewer beneath all the maggots
i ain't foolin' i've been pursuing god damn it man i almost
had it a way to get out of these dirty old ruins

I'm checkin' out i'm never comin' back again
i'm checkin' out I'm listed M.I.A.

god damn it man i almost had
it threw me out the door and called me a faggot
i ain't done i've only yet begun
West Oakland is the place where i'm comin' from

god damn it
man i almost had it
well i did it again yeah i do it outta habit
well i'm numb it ain't no fun i'm less than zero
when you add up the sum

I'm checkin' out yeah
it ain't no doubt yeah
a courtship built from anger is what it amounts
i almost had it I came so close
man i almost had it i almost had it

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