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One Man

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Baby, I'm sorry
(Not gonna let you down)
Sorry for the things that happened to you, babe
For what he did
I'll show you that I'm not gonna do those things that he did to you
I'm gonna love you I'm gonna hold you
I'm gonna give you everythign that your heart desires
You don't have to question love
Cuz when I get home I'll show you love

I know you're hurting baby
Because of what he did
But here I am to rescue you
From that man of sin
He took your life from you
And noted you for him
Promised you brighter days
But now your light is dim
He had no right to do
The things he did to you
If I had half a chance
Girl, I'd be good to you
Don't let don't let don't let don't let
Don't let what happened in your past hurt our future

1 - One man can make one women hate all men
Tell me why is it that
One man can make one woman hate all men
Makes a woman hate all men
One man can make one women hate all men
I'm sorry that he took your heart and did you in

You lived your life a lie
Now it's time to seek the truth
If it takes the rest of my days
I'm gonna make it up to you
So you let your guards on down
I don't want to go no rounds
Cuz baby, I'm here for you
Truly, truly here for you
Don't let don't let don't let don't let
Don't let what happened in the past hurt our future

Repeat 1

Girl Im' sorry that he took your heart and did you in
I'm not tryin' to hurt you
(I'm not tryin' to hurt you pretty baby, pretty baby)
I just wanna make sweet love to you
(All I wanna do is make you feel good all over)
While making love all the things
He said he'd do to you and he didn't girl
I'll do for you
Baby I'll do, vow to cuz I'm sorry that he took your heart
And did you in, yeah

Repeat 1 while:

Ladies, it was us all along
That made ya get up and get out and do wrong
I know you didn't really wanna do it
Hey, but being pissed off at us led you to it
Yes it did, yes it did, yes it did, oh, oh, oh
It mean I'm sorry baby
For coming in late from being out all night oh yeah
See I was so busy out there doing you wrong
while you were out there with somebody else
Getting your groove on, oh, oh, oh, oh
I guess its' a lesson to be learned
Be careful of the bridge you burn, oh oh

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