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Now we've been thinkin'
about the styles for a while
and trippin' over what's hot
and what's not and whnt's gone under
and over but now it's time to
release a kinda police
endorsement not to say it
Ain't reinforcement see
we'r talkin' about the funk
not the everybody punk of
the riggy diggy jiggy of your regular
Punk who thinks he got
the flow,he got the rhyme
WHOAH,that ain't what me
railin' on,No!it's the pop
and the rock'n'the funk
and the rap.then we mix it
all together makin' all
kinds of crap so that
hey it's ok,Don't be frighttened
by the change but don't dare
get in our way of play
Coz all we hear is
people askin' us how with APOCADELIc
vibe you know we counldn't allow
the sound to get aroundastoundin' us


we got to let it go
Bad boy we got the flow
we're the three man band
you can't understand with
the beats abput to explode
gonna smooth the grooves with ice
apocadelic vibe so hype
take a child pill that will
instil a rhythm so naughty but nice
gonna smash dash take the cash
don't mess with best you watch,your ass
never dream lean always scheme
it's a bad boy dream you gotta believe
gotta stroll..roll go with the flow crash
through the walls unlock
the door,it's apocadelic sound
Say what?! apocadelic
hey we're loud'n'prond

OOOH!! you rock your booty!
OOOH!! move your ass
OOOH!! it's a different class!!

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