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Disco Hippie


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Breakout, two thousand zero zero
A purple pokemons knocken' on my door
So free now, I'm flippin' trippin' cartwheels in the breeze now
Like never before

[Pre Chorus/Chorus]
My life is so wild like a child in a candy store
It's the same so strange like a game or a boy
You really got me goin
You got me so I don't know what I'm doin
Disco Hippie got his head in the sand
Disco Hippie got the world in his hand
Suppa sonic technotronic machine
Disco Hippie your da man

Tic toc, where wer all go crazy
when the clock locks when plays our show
Hip hop glow sticks and sour apple blow pops
make me outa control

[Pre Chorus/Chorus]

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