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Flesh Mechanic


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He tries to embrace her
she wants him to race her
he needs a laser
to get it through her skull
means and lies and hatreds
tears that fall in sequence
cold caress
conversation growing dull

Says he's a poet
lousy protozoan
and he kisses ass for free
I took a vow of silence
when he tries to talk to me
I just turn on the tv

He tries to impress her, mentally undress her
it takes more to possess her
but in his pocket lies a hole
he's got a thousand talents
charisma by the bagful
aristocratic parents
a rebel with a heart of gold

Says he's a poet
this time he's gonna blow it
'cause he's dancing with his ego
I took a vow of silence
when he reads his work to me
I swallow words like a

He's strutting with your flesh mechanic
gets him in a panic
he's wasting time
'cause everybody is a star
in his eyes

Careful not to give your favours
to your lonesome fucked-up neighbours
I had one who sent me her heart
in a tupperware container
all the movies in my head
they flicker with my bleeding heart
a careless slipping of the tongue
on just another private part

Blatant search for
stoned affection
fights the rust that
breeds infection
meet me at the
don't forget your
fuel injection

He's strutting with your flesh mechanic
gets him in a panic
he's wasting time
'cause everybody is a star
in his eyes

You think this love is bona fide
you're being taken for a ride
wrap your lip around your head
and slowly blow yourself away.

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