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I've Been Tired


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One two three
She's a real left winger 'cause she been down south
And held peasants in her arms
She said "I could tell you a story that could make you cry"
"What about you?"
I said "Me too"
"I could tell you a story that will make you cry"
And she sighed "Aaahh"
I said "I wanna be a singer like Lou Reed"
"I like Lou Reed" she said sticking her tongue in my ear
"Let's go, let's sit, let's talk"
"Politics go so good with beer"
"And while we're at it baby, why don't you tell me one of your biggest fears?"
I said "Loosing my penis to a whore with disease"
"Just kidding" I said "Loosing my life to a whore with disease"
I said "Please... I'm a humble guy with a healthy desire"
"Don't give me no shit because..."

I've been tired [6x]

I tell a tale of a girl, but I call her a woman
She's a little bit older than me
Strong legs, strong face, voice like milk, breasts like a cluster of grapes
I can't escape the ways she raise me
She'll make you feel like Solomon be one of your babies even if you had no one
(And while we're at it baby, why don't you tell me one of your biggest fears?)
Took my sleep after setting my loins on fire
But that's OK because...

I've been tired [6x]

I've been tired [9x]
T-i-r-e-d spells it
Spells it

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