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Livin' Today Thru...

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[Pastor Troy]
Lord I'm sorry, I'm tired
God I'm tired, God I'm tired
Don't nobody know what it is, don't nobody know it's like
I'm livin today thru tommorrow and I know I ain't gon' make it

[Verse 1]
Livin today thru tommorrow while yesterday was cursed
I put the pistol in my mouth and yell fuck the earth
I worked for food stamps without the book instead of helping me
or blessing me my niggaz below, I thank my niggaz
And Tommy Hill can't help me figure a damn thang
less than frontin me a pound of weed or some cocaine
I had got to the same conclusion that Uncle Sam made
don't touch the dope but know it's movin'
and if it's proven what I'm doin's gonna hurt to the hustle
That's on the muscle this whole motherfuckin world is trouble
when I don't laugh took the color,
took the color blind while toatin dimes and my nut sack full time,
I'm grindin playa, damn askin momma may I
I'm writin fire bet you wanna fuck up nigga start gettin high
I rely on my mother nature, quarter to break her
Gotta show her I appreciate her, with all these haters
that be constantly surrounding me, nowhere to go
so I smoke some weed and drink some mo'
Now they my friends and I been in a bunch of crazy moods
God please excuse quick to race because I love to loose
Yeah I'm the loser

[Pastor Troy]
God I can't take this no more, I can't take this no more
I'm sorry, I can't take this no more [gun goes off]

[Chorus 2X]
Livin today thru tommorrow while yesterday was cursed
I put the pistol in my mouth and yell fuck the earth
Livin today thru tommorrow while yesterday was cursed
I put the pistol in my mouth, put the pistol in my mouth

[Verse 2]
Now see the thouhgts of what you showin me
A empty picture as I beg the world for everything
Never could get a piece of this american dream
(I took a nap) I took a nap when I wake up the same thang
Back in trap, shootin craps without shootin guns man that's my life
They say that I'm the son of God, I thinkin twice
the price of the leather see and I don't speak
as I preach keep the pistol in my reach
cuz niggaz crazy, look at how this doja made me man I don't sweat
Playin russian roulette with the tech place yo bet
Love let the devil kill me (I'll be okay)
cuz I'm gone have to die any fuckin way why not today


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