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Face Off - Intro


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[heavy breathing]

[Pastor Troy]
In the beginning, God created drugs
And other thugs, with other thoughts
The path that's never walked
The class that's never taught
Often sought, 'cause salt from player haters
Make trials greater, all of my plans I must do later
I made a buch of bad mistakes, some bad desicions
But look at all this money I made, I ain't bitchin'
I knew my position but my coach ain't put me in
So, I quit this shit and started sellin' dope with friends
I'm in this situation, I'm the only nigga cool
These niggaz think they ballin' but these niggaz just confused
But 'cause I love to lose, I'm muthafuckin' lost
From muthafuckin' nothin' to muthafuckin' boss
Face off

[heavy breathing]

I'm leavin' that joint like that

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