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I see the morning paper, I crumble it to bits
Cause it's bad again
How long will it take us?
To find out that this is it
Until it's bad again?
The leaves are falling
The leaves are falling
Turning over and over the leaves are turning over
Getting colder and colder, the leaves are turning over
Why do so many races, fight while our children play?
Will we melt away?
Try and they'll take your best friend
Try and they'll take your head
For caring about, for caring about
Turning over and over, the leaves are turning over
Getting colder and colder, the leaves are turning over
Will we care again?
Will we care again?
Everyone passes on and believes in what they want to
If we heal, we can feel something that we didn't want to
There's a sign for the time, you can read it if you want to
Or everyone will become, Numb
They're falling....

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