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Life After Death Intro

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... me and her sister had somethin goin on
(Aiyyo, would you listen to me motherfucker?)
I reach my peak, I can't speak
Call my nigga Cheek, tell him that my will is weak
(Aiyyo c'mon nigga, cut that)
I'm sick of niggaz lyin, I'm sick of bitches hawkin
(Aiyyo, yoyo Big, aiyyo chill)
Matter of fact, I'm sick of talkin [gunshot]

[Life After Death piano and music comes in]
(Aiyyo Big, aiyyo BIG!!)
[heartbeat slows, sound of ambulence sirens]
[piano plays on]

[sound of pulse monitor and breathing machine]
[Puff Daddy]
Damn... we was spose to rule the world baby
We was unstoppable!
The shit can't be over, no
The shit can't be over man
I know you hear me nigga
I know you hear me
You got too much livin to do
Too much unfinished business
It ain't over
Live your life

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