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My Rib

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Uh can I ball?
yeah can I ball?
uh can I ball?
This is to every female that's ever been in my life
Flesh of my flesh bone of my bone (I feel you playboy)
Dust to dust uh (for real)

[Verse 1]

My rib, my wiz, my dip, my boo
My chick, my sugar, my shorty all you
My dove, my dogg, my love, my rock
My love for you, my love don't stop
My life, my dream, my wife, my queen
My essence, my coach, my playa, my team
My buddy, my baby, my lovey, my lady
My shelter, my helper, my pain, I felt you
My diamond, my gold, my Zion, my soul
My spirit, my flesh, my chest, you hold
My shield, my skill, my will be still
My youngin', my pumpkin, my sweetness, my somethin'
My dumpling, my daisy, my freak you crazy
My woman, my girl, my misses, my world
My breezy, she need me, believe me be easy
My kid, my bid, we live my rib

[Chorus 2x]
You are my rib and I can't deny
Closer than my flesh and bone
And my love we share is strong

[Verse 2]

Yo style, yo smile, yo walk, yo mile
Yo dress, yo stress, you saving yo sex
You blessed, yo views, yo joys, yo boos
Yo eyes, yo moves, yo heart, no clues
Yo opinion, yo minion, over yo whole livin'
Yo home, yo givin, yo virtue, he hurt you
Yo wounds, you nurture, yo curfew, yo class
Yo curve, yo (whoa), yo glory, yo past
Yo story, yo stash, yo mercy, yo grace
Yo voice, yo face, yo pace, yo taste
Yo morals, yo goals, yo steps, yo toes
Yo sent, yo strength, yo friends, yo foes
Yo prayers, yo cares, yo tears, yo cheers
From yours to my ears, yo crown, yo frown
Yo palms, yo moms, yo kid you give
We live, we did, me and you my rib uh

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 3]

I hate you, I date you, I love you, I make you
I miss you, I thank you, for you I'm grateful
I need you, I am you, I stand you, I have to
I had you, I left you, but I had to, I failed you
I scared you, I dared you, compared you, I held you
I kept you, I dissed you, I helped you, I felt you
When I kiss you, I melt you, I see you, I saw you
I hear you, I call you, no answer I get you
Forget you, forgot you, I lost you, I got you
I trust you, I doubt you, I can't live without you
I feel you, I kill you, I heal you, I steal you
I stole you, I have you, I hold you, I know you
I knew you, I owed you, I groomed you, I mold you
I warn you, I scold you, how could I be so cold to you?
I owe you my life, my soul I live, that's why I believe
You are my rib

[Chorus 2x]

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