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Life's A Bitch

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Aye man, I wonder what's gon' happen the minute my cash get dropped
You ever thought about that Skinny? Nope?
Shit what about you Scales mayne? I'm-I'm unsure mayne
I got alotta, lotta question that need to be answered
True we all got questions, but dawg I got questions
I got a lot on my mind, just just
just get me a blunt man, just fire it up man

[Big V]
Now fire up the weed, cuz one day I'm gon' pro'ly burn
The Ten Commandments in life, never my concern
Thing on my mind was, "get 'em, fore they get you"
Thing on my mind was, "stick 'em fore they stick you"
That's why niggaz know, I'm bout the game before peace
Cuz being free-hearted that's where it leave you deceased
Cold world, cold game - they gon' split ya thang
and bang shit out the car what, would drive the average man insane
Ghetto love, ghetto life, ghetto death; then ya gone
And after I'm deceased I'll know life gon' go on
And what about my sons - will they do what daddy didn't finish?
Will the light come to a close, shortly after my decision?
What about daddy girl? Will she do what I wanted?
Or will she break my heart and let these, niggaz up on it?

[Hook: Big V]
Life's a bitch!
I swear to God, you take your chances!
Too many questions, and not enough answers!
Life's a bitch! You take your chances!
Too many questions, and not enough answers!
Life's a bitch! You take your chances!
Too many questions, and not enough answers!
Life's a bitch! You take your chances!
Too many questions, and not enough answers!

[Ron Clutch]
I'm on the verge of losin my mind, this (?) is my last nerve
I done served my last dime, standin on this crack curb
It's absurd - I been on this block, from the first to the third
Rocked a 'Bird and seen two niggaz shot and left for dead in the dirt
I'm concerned if I die by the glock, will my soul soon burn?
My past clash with my future then, take a drastic turn
I'm submerged knee-deep in this here, but those around can soon return
Morality's hotter than burn, makin they hearts they burn
and say "Fuck the world!"
We all going to Hell for some, shit that we deserve
But first we was promised a hearse
and a chance on earth to visit church, for what it's worth
I'm tryna make ammends for all the sins that occured
The uncontrollable urge that emerged when I, snatched that lady's purse
and the, last week that I slurred, when I, cursed on every verse
Inevitable but well rehearsed, freezin my hunger as well as my thirst
This glock; ready to burst, on any fools I encounter first
with the, maximum amount of force, even if, worst comes to worst
Cuz life's a bitch!

[Hook: Big V]

My total first, nineteen seventy-six
Welcome to the world - I did 12 months for this shit?
Moms and pops couldn't get along - older brothers gettin grown
Now I got nothin but this dice I'm sittin on
At night I'm closin my eyes, and thinkin about my folks that died
Tryna sleep on 'em, thinkin I ain't supposed to cry
Uncle (?); he just died from too much alcohol
And all he wanted was a fifth and pack of Paul Mall
And moms was hard gettin back, grew up on (?)
I'm tryna cut down on drinkin but that's a lost cause
Guess we don't learn our lesson until we all fall
These racist cops got niggaz writin they own laws
Please God, don't let 'em take us
Just tell momma I meant well, in time don't let me wake up
Please God! Don't let them folks take us
Sincerely, I meant well, in time don't let me wake up

[Hook: Big V]

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