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Things Come And Go

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I've done some stupid shit
I've even lied to you. You know that for a fact
Plus all I've put you through (All I've put you through)
It still amazes me (Me). How you've forgiven me (Yeah)
If I could take it back. I wouldn't have done those silly things

(How do you do it) A much more bigger man than me
(How can I repay you) 'Cuz you stuck in there with me
(I won't forgetchyr) How it's so clear. Now I see
Still you're the only one. That I can count on
Ya never gave up on me

Things come & go. Seasons change. People grow
The world turns. But our love remains the same
Things come & go. Winter. Summer. Spring and Fall
Through it all. Our love remains the same

I don't know how it all happened but (But) you're everything and more (Everything & more)
Even though I might lose you because I don't work hard enough
Figured since you lost my trust (Ooh) that we would just fall apart (Yeah)
Now I realize I need to wake up
So I'm giving you all my heart

(I remember) Oh watchin' the clouds go by
(You were always there) Always right there by my side
(Can't forget you)I can't forget you as I reminisce on this tree
You were the only one. That was in my life
Who showed me consistency

[Repeat Hook]

[Sean Paul (2x)]
Things change from year to year, girl
But my love for you is always here, girl
Never 'fraid. Never have no fear
Baby call me and I will appear. Well

Can I take you away from this place
Whatever you wanna do. Oh my baby it's cool
Take my hand let's make plans
Just as long (As you are here and boy I'm with you)

[Repeat Hook (2x)]

[Sean Paul (2x) over hook]

Things change from year to year, girl.
But my love for you is always here, girl.
Never 'fraid. Never have no fear, baby.
Call me and I will appear. Well

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