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Let's Go To War


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Iím a motherfucking wrench
Thrown in the gears
Everything was great til I got here
Iím a bad guy inside and out
Put your faith in me and Iíll spit you out
And I admit, Iím a basketcase
With lipstick smeared across my face
Cocked and loaded canít shut me up
Hey stupid, donít suck your thumb
Take your diaper off and put your helmet on
Destory til there is no more
Put your helmet on letís go to war
Letís go, letís go, letís go, letís go

Some things are better left unsaid
But Iíd like to see a bullet in your head charge the damage to my card
And Iíll see you won the graveyard blvd.
Have a boot to the face, itís on me
Hard to talk shit with no fucking teeth
Spit Ďem out, spit Ďem out al in a row
So pucker up sucker hereís one for the road
Shut your face and open your eyes
You whole fucking life was a lie
And everything that you stood for
Just had its ass kicked out the door
Well I am rubber and you are glue
Iíll beat the mother fucking shit outta you
Youíre pro-life and Iím pro-death
And Iíll throw you from the tree and break your fucking neck

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