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Now U Want My Love

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[Verse One:]

Remember when I was so weak 4 u,
Remember when I felt so deep 4 u,
I remember the day I cried 4 u,
Remember the days I thoughI'd die for you.
But you said you had no time for me,
Said that you and I would never be,
Said you wouldn't mind gettin' up between my legs,
But not good enough to be your girl that's what you said.

[Pre Chorus x2]

Ooh how you broke my heart that day,
All the love I had for you,
But only disrespect did you show me.


Now you want my love,
So what ya tryin' 2 tell me?
Now I'm good enough?
And now you want my time,
If you think you're gunna get it must be out ya fuckin mind.

[Verse Two:]

Now it was pure disrespect that you showed me,
And now suddenly a brother wanna know me,
Is it because I'm Ms. Dynamitee,
That suddenly you wantin' me to be your wifey.
You're showing how shallow you really are,
Coz all this shit don't make me no superstar,
Lickle name Lickle fame Up in dis game,
Shit ain't changed, shit ain't changed,
I'm still the same,
I'm still the same girl,
Who's heart you broke that day,
All the love I had for you,
But only disrespect did you show me.


Da Da Da


Now you tried misusin', abusin' and usin'
Was it ammusin' when you was confusin'
And left me in sorrow.
Now tell me who's in control.

And it was so upsettin' but now I'm lettin' you know my love you ain't gettin',
I'm bettin' that you regrettin' the day you stole that lickle piece of my soul.

[Chorus x2]

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