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Afraid 2 Fly

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[Verse One:]

In my heart the sharpest pain,
The darkest clouds up in my brain.
Anger so immense and rage so deep,
Each time he took one away from me.

It's only now I see,
They were angels too good to be
Here in this hell on earth and so he set them free.
Only now I see, now I'm sure,
I don't want no more brothers and sisters growing up in this cold world of war,

[Chorus x2]

I ain't ready to die,
But I ain't afraid to die,
And go check my bro's and sisters on the other side.

[Verse Two:]

Everyday they still walk with me,
Every night they still talk with me,
They spirit deep in my soul,
They oh so far but they closer than close.

It's only now I see there's no more tears to shed,
I done some crazy shit to ease all the mad confusion,
And numbness in my head,
Only now I see it's alright,
Good hearts don't die,
They just fly to be in peace,
Beyond the sky.

[Chorus x2]

Where there's no evil and no greed,
No sign of war cos everybody's free,
Where only joyfull tears are cried,
There's no pain,
No tears,
No lies,
He'll free your soul,
Free your mind,
When it's your time,
Your time.

[Chorus x2]

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