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U Should've Known


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I didn't ask to go with you to Mexico.
I really didn't need the shoppin spees in
L.A, on Melrose,boy if you didn't know it well know you know.
I didn't need the furs, or the jewelry because material things they don't mean much to me,
and ever since you've been gone,
I've been holdin us down on my own

I never evr cheated.
I never ever lied.
So you could stop asking me,
asking me why?
Why i never left you?
And why I kept it real?
And why i'm still with you?

U should've known better than to think I would leave.
U should've better than to doubt me dear.
It don't matter if you're,matter if you're down.
Either way i'm gonna be around.
U shoud've known that I would stay by your side.
U should've known your girl was gonna ride or die.
And it just don't matter if you're rich, or poor,out'or in,
doing 5 to 10.
U should've known better.

What makes you think that I would forget about you.
Think about it,who comes to see ya.
Every saturday and monday,
I was on that reciever.
Me (me),
Your girl (girl)
Your life (life)
Your world (world)
Family and friends they just don't understand.
They say I should leave you alone, but I say that they all should just leave us alone.
Don't you get it?



[Chorus repeated]
No matter what they think about you,
there's nothing I could do without you.

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