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Smooth Chick

MISSY 'MISDEMEANOR' ELLIOTT LYRICS & MIDI also provides software that can be used to write your own lyrics and music. Something similar to Smooth Chick from MISSY 'MISDEMEANOR' ELLIOTT.  

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Party Time (Uh uh)
Uh (Say what?)
Uh huh (Yo)
Uh (Say what)
Uh huh, uh huh
Uh Uh (What)
Uh huh (One more)
Uh (Yo, yo bring it to me)

Come here baby, let me blow your mind
I'mma spit shine like turpentine
I love niggas, all different kinds
I'mma show you all how to work the spine
If you a playa then you sure ain't mine
I'mma cut you off like circumcise
I'm a real chick and it no surprise
If you dialin' me then you must realize

[1] - I'm a smooth chick, I'm a cool chick
I got gats but don't make me use it
I'm quick to lose it, I'm 'bout to do it
Shake my ass down to the music

I'm a smooth chick, I'm a cool chick
I got gats but don't make me use it
I'm quick to lose it, I'm 'bout to do it
I'mma shake my ass down to the music

Come on baby let's do the bump
Keep drinking up 'til you get me drunk
Don't front, smoke a pound of funk
Something real quick like uuuh, uuuh
Got tens in the back of the jeep
If you got a friend and he all on me
Could it be he's a fan of me?
Or could it be he see that I'm Missy?

[Repeat 1]

Eh baby, why you trippin' for?
Cause I'm on top and you're down below
You want me or you want my dough?
Cause if it's my dough, then you hit the do'
Eh yo boo, I think you know
That I got gats and they crack the floor
Missy take shit no more
So all that talk is no, no, no

[Repeat 1]
[Repeat 1]


[Repeat 1]
[Repeat 1]


Misdemeanor, uh
Timothy, uh
And Aaliya uh
Motherfucker now, uh
Ginuwine, uh
Maganoo, uh
Drop, play it
One two, motherfucker

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