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Straight To My Face

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Did me wrong and baby that's ok
But you didn't have to lie to me
If there's anything you have to say
Then tell me straight to my face
That was when you made your big mistake
Thinkin' I would wanna play your games
If there's anything you have to say
Just tell me straight to my face

Looked into your eyes and I knew from the start
Baby, I could tell
Something you're hiding
Some friends of mine told me they saw you in the park
With somebody else
Is there something you're holding from me

I don't really need more proof
But I wanna hear it from you
So I'm asking for the last time tell me baby


You cheated and now you can't look me in the eyes
Couldn't keep it real
And it hurts
Did you really think I was too dumb to realize
I know you far too well
Boy, you risked it all and now you lost

If you only could have told me
Than it wouldn't have to be this way
So why can't you just tell me straight to my face

[Chorus (2x)]

Tears me apart
So hard to leave
But how can love go on
Without honesty
You had my heart
You should have been straight
And just tell me straight to my face

[Chorus (2x)]

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