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Elizabeth, I Love You


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Welcome to Hollywood
That's what they told you
A child star in Hollywood
That's what they sold you
Grace with beauty, charme and talent
You would do what you were told
But they robbed you of childhood
Took your youth and sold it for gold

Elizabeth, I love you
You're every star that shines in the world to me
Elizabeth can't you see that it's true
Elizabeth, I love you
You're more than just a star to me

Lovely Elizabeth
You have surpassed them all
My friend Elizabeth
Learned to outlast them all
Many started back when you did
Lost their way and now they're gone
But look at you, a true survivor
Full of life and carrying on

This is your life
You seem to have it all
You reached your peak
They wanted you to fall
It's very sad, this world can be so bad
But though all the heartaches
When they put you down
You know you were the victor
And you earned the crown
It's like walking through the fire
Determinded to win
You were beating life's battles
Again and again

Elizabeth, I love you
You're every star that shines in the world to me
Elizabeth can't you see that it's true

Remember the time I was alone
You stood by my side and said:
"Let's be strong"
You did all these tings
That only a true friend can do

Elizabeth, I love you
The world knows your work now
I pray one day I'll be just like... you.

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