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Next Thursday you're invited to watch Rising Tide's live coverage
of a gala tribute in salute to Ronald Reagan.
Host Haley Barbour joins special guest lady Margaret
Thatcher in celebrating the former president's 83 birthday.
Ticket's are 1000 Dollars a plate but you can see the event free on GOP TV.

Images of perfection, suntan and napalm
Grenada - Haiti - Poland - Nicaragua
Who shall we choose for our morality
I'm thinking right now of Hollywood tragedy

Big mac: smack: phoenix r: please smile y'all
Cuba, Mexico can't cauterize our discipline
Your idols speak so much of the abyss
Yet your morals only run as deep as the surface

Cool - groovy - morning - fine
(If white)
Tipper Gore was a friend of mine
I love a free country
(told the truth)
The stars and stripes and an apple for mommy
(for one day)

Conservative say: there ain't no black in the union jack
Democrat say: there ain't enough white in the stars and stripes

Compton - Harlem - a pimp fucked a priest
The white man has just found a new moral saviour
Vital stats - how white was their skin
Unimportant - just another inner-city drive-by thing

Morning - fine - serve your first coffee of the day
Real privilege, it will take your problems all away
Number one - the best - no excuse from me
I am here to serve the moral majority

Cool - groovy - morning - fine
(If white)
Tipper Gore was a friend of mine
I love a free country
(told the truth)
The stars and stripes and an apple for mommy
(for one day)

Zapruder the first to masturbate
The world's first taste of crucified grace
And we say: there's not enough black in the union jack
And we say: there's too much white in the stars and stripes

Fuck the Brady bill
Fuck the Brady bill
If God made man they say
Sam Colt made him equal

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