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Right In The Middle


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If you always do what youíve always done, youíll always get the same old stuff
Life can treat you good, then turn as cold as ice
And believe me when I tell you
This thing called love, for sure, is like most things in life
Not all bad, not all good (itís just something that I believe)
Not all cold, not all hot (yeah, I like that)
Not all bitter, not all sweet (sounds all right to me)
So donít miss all the good, waiting for the best, thereís still happiness
Right in the middle
Perfect love sounds real nice
But that never seemed to happen with any relationship of mine
It was always up and down, in then out
And after the last goodbye, I still didnít know what it was all about
You get disappointed if it ainít bliss all the time
And you get so annoyed if you canít feel the same every night
Not all bad, not all good (Iím tryiní to tell you that itís)
Not all high, not all low (not all high and not all low)
Not all heaven, not all hell (as far as I can tell)
Itís not some prize you win, you donít have a thing to prove, just enjoy the groove
Right in the middle
ĎCause Iíve learned when it comes to love, itís the exact same reality
Thatís why they say ĒQue sera, seraĒ
Which means whateverís gonna be is gonna be
Whateverís gonna be is gonna beÖ
Not all bad, not all good (I need somebody to understand)
Not all sunshine, not all rain
(you know that too much of a good thing is really no good)
Not all laughter, not all tears (Iím only trying to tell you)
To let your good times roll, keep your self-control, thereís a lotta soul
Right in the middle

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