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Back Then......

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Looked in the mirror, man, what did I see
Is this really who I am or what I'm trying to be?
I laugh when they tell me to find myself
Cause when you're looking for yourself
Who do you ask for help?
That was back then man I'm growing
Right now, there's no way of knowing
Exactly which way I'm going
But it won't be too long until you meet another side of me
Do you think that I've spoken clearly?
Is what I'm representing really what I believe
Maybe I was trying to hard to Cobain
But it's really hard to get a grip when you're legally insane
Life's a journey not a destination
Some time ago, came to this conclusion
My future lies on my own decision
And all of yours, all of yours
That was back then man I'm growing
Right now, there's no way of knowing
Exactly if I was being misunderstood
Maybe I'm finally standing where I should

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