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Secret Track (Stereotype Me)

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Am I a freak in the darkness
Or am I a misfit
You speak with opinions
To seek in so deep
But it's alright
Well your just an illusion
Confused by your narrow mind
Reality is up ahead in the distance
But that lack of persistence has left you behind
Now you're reaching for your sanity
Cause you afraid of me, so don't fuck with me
You wanna ask me a question, well I got a question
How much longer can I tolerate this shit
Ego's trip when you're livin' on the flip side
Droppin out of the uterus and die, damn
I see ya pointin' your finga
You stereotype me, cause you don't like me
Well you don't even know me, punk
You don't know me
You stereotype me, cuz you dont like me

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