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Head For The Barricade


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Sometimes you gotta fight for your right when you're
Not sure you're in a fight for your life, right?
If you ain't packin' any tactics you might get your ass kicked
Even if you are a little knuckle head
I'm kinda sick of being aggravated, i'm glad I'm hated
I guess i'm doin' somethin' right
That's what happened back in columbine
You gotta know when to stop and don't go over the top
' cuz there's a chamber deep inside the brain
That's covered with chains, so don't be shakin' 'em loose
And if ya do, i'd be runnin' for the hills
' cuz i'm ready to rock and now i'm playin' for real
I gotta... fight.... fight
You'd better watch out when my adrenaline kicks
I gotta... fight... fight...
It's too late you already been hit... damn
Stick 'em stick em'
Stick em ha ha ha stick em
Stick em' stick em'
Yeah, head for the barricade
This world can make you sick to your stomach so i
Put on my headphones, listen to the deftones
It's gettin' crowded in my spaceship
Livin' in a dream, runnin' from a hate machine
Ya know it's such a drag when there's people talking down to ya
Such a drag thinking everything sucks (do ya?)
Walk away with the spit on your face?
Or do ya draw the line just to give 'em a taste?
' cuz i know its never gonna end,
If it happens again i'm going straight for the throat
Another note, don't forget your had a chance
Now off of the side lines and ready to dance
I gotta... fight.... fight
Better watch out when my adrenaline kicks
I gotta... fight... fight...
It's too late you already been hit... damn
If you got the guts (head for the barricade)
Then come on down (head for the barricade) [x2]
And head for the barricade
Fight!! [x8]
Head for the barricade
I ain't playin' around
Head for the barricade
I ain't playin' around

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