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Feel Like Dancing


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[Romeo:] okay. Whatcha wanna do?

[Girl:] You make me feel like dancin

[Romeo:] Whatcha wanna do?

[Girl:] All I wanna do is just have some fun

[Repeat 2x]

[Romeo:] You make me feel like dancin. Uh-huh. Straight romancin. A lil butta on
top a my bread. Richie Rich bling bling so you don't need '?. Romeo wit my
Juliet. I ain't seen a baseball that I can't catch. P Miller wit the matchin
shoes Shorty so I might blow a fuse. No time wastin in a basement. Hit the mall
and the girlies be checkin the face and look in the mirror and said 'I must be
cute' and she kissed him on the cheek and said 'I like you, boo'.

[Chorus 2x]

[Romeo:] I ain't from Paris but I love French toast! Simon said stop but Rome
said go! Move it like a snake from right ta left haa.. (girl) I think I lost my
step. (Romeo) Catch up wit me... 2-way ta hit me. Bubble gum ball ta pocket
full a pens from callagreens. I'm gon' represent Orleans. Cotton Candy...no
whammys. Wan' no this? No MTV to the grammys! # 1 little and can't replaced got
ants in my pants wanna hold chain.

[Chorus 2x]

[Romeo:] Ooooh is that Sireka and Kim? (boy) Naah.. I think that's Sonia Slim
(heyyy). (Romeo) slush puppy, I'm guppy. Like slime (eeeewww) yucky. The New No
Limit, we winnin. Rap gainin like Pop I need spinich. Back up rude it's stop
hatin. Lil' Rome...keep the girls shakin. Bob 3..cornrows, white t, Ooohweee
you wanna be me.

[Chorus 2x]

[Romeo:] Where them girls at? Where them boys at? Where them girls at? Where them
boys at? Where them girls at? Where them boys at? Where them girls at? Where
them boys at? Where them girls at? Where them boys at? Where them girls at?
Where them boys at?

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