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Look What Happened


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And I swear it's the last time and I swear it's my last try
and we'll walk in circles around this whole block
walk on the cracks on the same old sidewalks
and we'll talk about leaving town
yeah we'll talk about leaving
I swear it's the last time I swear it's my last try
We rode across that bridge all night
we talked our way through city lights
traced all the lines we're killing time
under those buzzing signs
from downtown to anywhere but here
tonight yeah I swear to these rooftops
and just hoped that car would never stop
we drove around this place all night
past closed signs and familiar sights
we're moving by passing time
counting those center lines
with 20,000 lines left to go
that lead to somewhere I don't know
it might be the time tha twe leave this all behind
there's been a few times
that we thought it felt right
to take all the westbound signs
and just leave town tonight

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