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Dopeman dopeman's got another big plan
to sell it to you or anyone he can
because this is much better than minimum wage
no matter how things work he's still gonna get paid
think about it for a minute more -
it's either work at McDonalds or the corner store
a quick money fix from a deal or 2
when a decision comes down
what would you do?
you take - take a welfare state
or a dopeman's fate
and keep the cycle spinnin' round
dopeman dopeman's got the upperhand
people wanna get as much as they can
because those reasons they'll always stay the same
and for some people it's the only way to stay sane
and think about it for a minute more -
a life of crime or hangin' round the liquor store
a quick drug fix to get you through
when the decision comes down
what would you do?

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