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Sign Of Life

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What did I just say
Well, I can't remember
The room is spinning and
My Heart is skipping beats
Cause I finally cut all the ties
That were hanging on me

It's a sign of life
To be so confused
You jump and it feels
Like you're falling

You find the hope, the
strength, the heart
And just when you think
there's nothing left
Cause when it feels just like
you're drowning
That's when you fight for
every breath
You find the faith, the will,
the words
To break through the silence
and the pain
Cause when it feels just like
you're dyin'
That's a sign of life

Sooner or later
You come to the point
Where you have to choose
Who and what you want to be
And I made a decision
Not so long ago
To be happy

It's a sign of life
To be unafraid
You jump and it feels
Like you're flying


Break down
My reflection is scattered
Like ashes in the wind
I'll begin again


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