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Old Woman


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I saw an old woman in a wheelchair
On the highway yesterday
I saw an old woman in a wheelchair
On the highway yesterday
And as I asked her to pull over
To make sure no truck would hit her
She smiled and mumbled, 'okay, whatever you say.'
And I said, 'I wonder why.'

She said, 'Girl, you're so naive
And you're too young to understand
I am now chasing my husband Stan
A pale man in a black suit came to take him
In trade for a cup of tea
A pale man came to take him away from me'

And I said, 'I see,' (and I really did)
'You go and chase him, go ahead
And when you catch him will you send him my love
And tell the pale man to make sure
To call before he comes to take me too.
To take me too.'

(I saw an old woman...)

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