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Krack Rocks

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Who are you, who are you
Well i'm the punk with the pump in the back of my pack
How you step rock
I step in stride
I step across stage with my nuts in my hand
The punks wanna front cause i got my own band
Goddamn i'm the man with the helly buzz
And my shit don't stink, like eli's does
I'ma pleasure girls man from what i heard
Nah man, i kicked that bitch to the curb
I don't really need to be tied down
I'm a ramblin man, and i'm platinum bound
Me too, rolled my crew, i'm not too new
.16 is what i blew
I bet that set you straight, that illegal action
Fuck that, i still roll with a 40 in my lap
Back in 2nd grade, i carried a lunch box
Turned 21 started smokin crack pots
Snortin that D by the dime
Wish i could slow down, i'm ahead of my time
I'm the Krack, i'm the Krack
Krack, Krack, Krack
I'm the Krack bitch, my last dimes what i'm bettin
I'm up in the casino with a flash like stetson
Girls all stare, they gauck, they sneer
So i grab me a bitch and i slapped her in the rear
My livingroom is the place i'm hangin out
Uptight pussy's is the shit i'm bangin out
I'm sick of livin in these perplex times
That's why i kick these motherfuckin sex rhymes

I'm headin down south
I'm headin down south
I'm headin down, headin down

Hip hip hip hip diggin exactly where you go
I'm headin down south on a dusty path
I got a cool ass buzz and an empty flask
Ass on the wagon and they think i'm all soft
But i don't givea fuck, i'm trippin my balls off
Up in the crack house tunin them rocks off
Hoe's come around an we be knockin the box top
Knocked out, knocked up and all that shit
Hot wax, sweaty spot, lickin spit from your clit
Everything that gets old
It get's over rated
Old to me, just means out dated
I'm the Kid Rock, fuck all that 60's shit
Take Woodstock and shove it up your momma's clit
Oh shit, and there it is
I get a lot of pussy cause i'm in show biz
Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house
I wished for a kiss and your mom popped out.
Put her hands on her flop and started eyein me
So i smacked the ole bitch with my flyin D
That's when i said "man i gotta get a grip"
Looked at the TV realized i was trippin

It aint no party like a Detroit party
Cause a Detroit party don't stop
I said It aint no party like a Detroit party
Cause a Detroit party don't stop
It aint no party like a Detroit party
Cause a Detroit party don't stop
I said It aint no party like a Detroit party
Cause a Detroit party don't stop

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