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Cheatin On Me

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[verse 1]
When I got home last night
Something didn't seem right
I think I know whats goin on
There's been another ho in my home

Cigerettes in the trash
And he doesn't even smoke
Two glasses in the sink
The Dom is still cold
Trojans come in three
But one is gone
Hell no
Said I know what's goin on

My man's has been cheatin on me
My momma told me there'd be days like this
My man's been cheatin on me
[repeat hook]

[verse 2]
How could he do this to me
Turn around and smile in my face
While he was out somebody else
Puttin her in my place

What am I supposed to do
When I put my trust in you
What am I supposed to say
When you gave my love away
I gave you all my love
Repaid with your lies
Not checkin for your games
Don't wanna hear no alibis
Now I'm out the door
Cause I just can't take it no more

Cheatin on Cheatin on
Cheatin on Cheatin me
Creepin on Creepin on
Creepin on Creepin on me

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