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Mister Masonic


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[Verse 1:]
Little man running around town - nothing more to say
Doing everything the same as you - did it yesterday
Young man, there because of what you were told to do
Your Dad and his friends all knew what was right for you

Why do my frustrations get
Under my skin, this mood that I'm in
Why do all my fears
Get thrown back in my face, there stuck in this place
And we want to be free
But we just can't see
We're lost inside
And we've all gone blind

[Verse 2:]
Little man, sitting in your room got a box of clay
Lay it out, shape your thoughts 'cos it is the only way
Young man, please make what you want if it makes you smile
Just don't forget it only lasts for a little while

[Chorus x 2]

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