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Some things will stay the same
The shape of a power point won't change
And i won't back away and run
If you make me feel strange
She's the hand at the end of the arm
And she's got a lot to say
She thinks the world is falling apart
But that's okay she just wants to be happy
A place for everything and everything in its place
I get better, wait and see
She amazes me it's kinda hard to see in here
But there's nothing to see so who cares?
Drank coffee all night and now i can't sleep
I think i opened a secret file i let her look for a little while
And now i'm waiting for the ambulance to arrive
She just wants to be happy a place for everything
And everything in its place i had better wait and see
She amazes me
I couldn't understand the instructions
And the clock sounds like it's ticking slow
And this book is in another language
A language i don't know I used to tie double knots
But now i couldn't be fucked things are getting stupider all the time
She just wants to be happy
A place for everything and everything in its place
I had better wait and see she amazes me, you're confusing me
You're confusing me

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