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Get It Together

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One shot to your heart without breaking your skin
No one has the power to hurt you like your kin
Kept it inside, didn't tell no one else
Didn't even wanna admit it to yourself
And now it just burns in your backaches
From 15 years of holding the pain
And now you only have yourself to blame
If you continue to live this way

Get it together
You wanna heal your body
You have to heal your heart
Whatsoever is so you will reap
Get it together

You can fly fly

Talk future ahead of me
That's what they say
I'd be starving if I ate all the lies they fake
Cause I've been redeemed from your anguish and pain
A miracle child I'm floating on the clouds
Cause the words that come from your mouth
You're the first to hear
Speak of words of beauty and you will be there
No matter what he devices
What matters is matters what you think of yourself


The choice is yours
No matter what it is
To choose life is to choose to forgive
You don't have to try
To hurt him and break his pride
To shake that weight off
And you will be ready to fly

One shot to your heart without breaking your skin
No one has the power to hurt you like your friends
Thought it will never change but this time moved on
An ugly duckling grew up to be a swan
And now it just burns in your backaches
Because now beads are showing upon your face
But you're never really happy
And you never behold
Until you see the beauty in growing hope


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