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I saw her in a dream but it wasn't true
Through the smoke and fire
Of the exhaust fumes
She just laughed and loved me 'till I was no use
And I'll never fall in love again
She's a motorcycle that I can't ride
She's a precious jewel that I can't buy
She's a scene I'm playin' in which I die
And I'll never fall in love again
"I never play to win"
Is what she said
And poured a little cocaine in my head
She's a fuckin' Picasso in bed
And I'll never fall in love again

Now your voice
So Spanish and clear
Rings like a church bell in my ear
But I don't believe in a word I hear
And I'll never fall in love again
My mind calls you in the night
My mind calls you and I want to take flight
To some other garden of sweet delight
And I'll never fall in love again

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