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Threat Interlude

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What they screamin' when they shout?
Who they fiendin' fo' - Zoo rock the house fo' sure
We boom you need some elbow room, that's right
Cause I be chokin' the mic, place me under arrest
I'm on the hit list baby cause I'm one of the best
We on a quest all across the coast to get fresh, yeah, yeah
Nigga fly like the air, been up in the game and you can keep the change
Tried to smash all the beef, turn the leaf over
Cheap Rock-Rolla, can't be seen, bring your football team
Bump your Queen plus we want the chips
Spank the white man on his ass with the whip
The world is fillin' us, killin' us softly, Adolf Khadafi
Still real gangsters don't tell what they do, they just do what they got to

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