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Shortcut To Moncton

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Between the doors, shakin' heads and thinking
Light about who you're with, where you are
Blue lightning hittin' trees and lighting
Roads won't let me get too down 'cause
Sometimes you can be let down

You move on ahead in quicksand
And you hope you're still goin' east boy
It's dreamy all day drives and short parades
And I won't let it mess with my head
Just grin and live it
While you can...with wonderment

With eyes wide open
I'm taking in all I can
The small town darkness
Is singing by
In trance...I'm feeling glad

You and your friends drink, laugh
And pass out, keeping good things close
Fought till the end, it's hard to keep it all fun
I won't let it mess with my head
Won't let it mess with
Sleeping friends or their wonderment

Though the day's been really long
I still feel I'm close to nowhere
And I wouldn't let no one take my place
A warm bed, in my head I can see
The tidal wave of disappointment
See the lights shining over there
Through the night I am on the way

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