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No Coma

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In time I'll find why everyone out there
In the painted sun
Has already found their root...they've found home
And I'm tired of beating every drum
For old friends that never come
Went looking for them once...and found none

I'm so unwound
And I know in my own way
I'm breaking down without screaming out loud
I'm facing up and reaching out
In the end I'll come around so shut your mouth
Cuz I can't stand or yell out...
Tell everyone I'm numb

Here lies the former undisturbed
A bit high and a candle burns
It's goin all's all gone
A red face that hides in nervous hands
Once a better friend than an enemy
Will I make another run...or am I done

Someday I'll line up everyone out there
In a late day sun
For one deep and final breath...

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