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Back To The Island

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(I. Hanson/T. Hanson/Z. Hanson)

This station, rules the nation!
Come on, come on, yaaa, yaaa!
Here we go, yaaa, yaaa, go back to the island, boy!


Wake up early one morning
Kiss my mama goodbye
Goin' back to the island,
I'll see ya, don't worry mama,
Don't cry, yaaaa, everybody, lets do it.(End of chorus.)

Be leaving on the island stable
I sure hope that she's still able
Goin' to sea around 5 'o' clock
I'll stand at the bow and see the dock out
In the fields from dawn,
Til dusk, swimmin' in the blue hole is a must.
That island, where I was born
First thing I will do is grow some corn


Been cookin' outside in the iron pot
So young when I learned, I haven't forgot, Out to cast, and walking old folks
Smokin' pipes and talking
Saturday night we're gonna dance and sway
Shake my bell, do the dawn day people
Don't you understand, live like a king
And be a happy man


TAYLOR & ZAC: "Go back to the island boy"
Ya, ya, ya, ya,
TAYLOR & ZAC: "Are you ready? How ya goin' get there?"
ISAAC: "By mail boat"
TAYLOR & ZAC: "Are you ready?" How ya goin' get there?"
ISAAC: "By mail boat!"

A go, a go, a go, a go ,a go , a go, a go,
A go, a go, a go, a go, a go,
We got to go down to Nassau, go to New USA,
Go to Cat Island, Long Key and X-Zuba,
Go down to Frequia, go to New Guinea,
Go to Long Island and Latina


ya....ya....ya....ya....I got to go, I got to go,
I got to go back to the island
I got to go, I got to go, I got to go back
To the island, I got to go back, I got to go back,
I got to go back to the island
I got to go, I got to go, I got to go back to the island



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