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Thank Me Please

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I walked around here
Searching for my insides
And all i found was my ghost
Talking gibberish
And drunken silliness
I watch as all my ashes float

Ya they float , float
Ya thay float they float

I'm watching ants now
Nothing is relaxing
And coping 's not so far away
Blistered eyes wide
Big oceans cover them
It's hard to cope when no one's there

No one's there , there
No one's there , there

Everywhere i turn
I find games played with your mind
So get down on your knees
And come thank me please
Thank me please

The thought came in my head
As the eight ball dropped
And the other one's fled
Kick when he's down
So if he drops he'll never get up again

Up again , again
Up again , again

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