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Waiting To Die


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I don't give a fuck!
I'm a hitman, I'm a stalker, I'm a solider, I'm a street walker
Fuck you!
You don't know me , I'm a freak
Never slow down, never sleep
I get so high!
Don't play with me, see me, stay away from me
Just let me ride!
No you can't fade me,
I ain't trying to hear shit that you saying to me

Everybody dies

Just let me

There is nothing wrong with me
I'm not trying to see things your way
I'm not lost, I'm not drowning, I'm not lost
I'm just waiting, waiting to die

I drink too much!
See me fall down, see me laugh, see me fuck up, see me laugh
I'll bust yo lip!
Keep talking shit, guard your grill
A Killer will fire at will
I fuck the system
That first fucked me
I question the authority to kill a minority
Fuck you!
No, Fuck you, I'm a freak,
I ain't trying to hear shit that you saying to me

Everybody dies

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