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The Only One

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Everybody at the partyís so lonely
In a room full of strangers
Everybody knows me
And everybodyís so plastic
Fools tryiní to fit in
Rejection is tragic

And when youíre all alone
It seems like nothing is real
Everybody wants control
Nobody knows how I should feel


Iím slipping away
I feel like giving up
And Iím not the only one
I feel like such a creep
Where do I fit in
Iím not the only one
No, I am not like you
Iím not the only one

So many things that Iíve done I regret
So much drama in my life
That I wish I could forget
But my tattooed skin wonít let me
Feels like my so-called friends
Theyíre all out to get me
And when youíre all aloneÖ


(Nobody knows how I should feel)

(I am slipping away)Ö

It feels like nothing is real
Nobody knows how I should feel


Iím not the only oneÖ

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