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Other Side


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In Southern Mexico
You forget just why you came
You run to Northern California
But, you forget to change your name
But, when I get to New York City
It wonít matter none of this will change
Ten thousand miles and running
All these songs will remain the same


Just take your time
Your life is just beginning
You are all grown up
Wanting for the other side
Just take you time
I will always be there waiting
On the other side
Wanting for the other side

Inside my worried mind
I wonder why Iím here
And all the questions that I ask myself
The answers are never clear
I canít believe that itís all over
I donít know where to begin
Iíve got to outrun these shadows
Feel the sun on my face againÖ my friend


I thought I knew them
I thought they were my friends
Well I must be crazy
It never endsÖit never ends
No, we are not the same
We are so far apart
And the distance felt between us
Is in the heartÖ.you know itís true


Just take your timeÖ

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